Our intentions in sign painting

Over the past few weeks, we have been occupied with the most sign painting commissions since we started out.
The intention for doing signs as a service is a combination of a few things that would make both the SBTG direction and our clients feeling empowered.
Like most DIY projects, our clients get a sense of satisfaction as the messages on the signs are engineered to be very personal to them. It provides them with a story to tell whenever they have guests over to their shop, home or office. I believe these stories would help spark off conversations that would enrich relationships.
These signs are all on subjects that I love and has helped build a bigger SBTG universe. We have food, motorcycles, a bull terrier and the President of Singapore. I am very thankful to be doing what i love every single day of my life.

Having said that as i was chatting with Danielle today and she showed me her company website. She is like the mother of a design agency and we talked about how much she is being appreciated in the company. Amongst all the positivity about her new offers and job role something sparked as i was looking at the companies portfolio. There are some projects that could be very interesting subjects to sign paint.
So i suggested to her about possibly painting signs to commemorate the more significant projects in their portfolio and display it in their studio as visual trophies.
She loved it.

I personally cant wait to start on this as a subject.

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